6 Remyelination in MS

Saturday, June 1, 2013: 2:00 PM-3:20 PM
2:00 PM
Cortical Remyelination: Presented by Bruce Trapp, PhD

2:20 PM
Remyelination Therapies for MS: Presented by V Wee Yong, PhD

2:40 PM
Transcriptional Program Regulating the Resistance of Memory T Cells to Tolerance in EAE
Wassim Elyaman, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Ribal Bassil, MD, Harvard Medical School; William Orent, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Elizabeth Bradshaw, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Linda Ottoboni, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Philip De Jager, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School; Samia Khoury, MD, Harvard Medical School

2:55 PM
NDC-1308: An Estrogen Receptor Ligand That Induces Remyelination In MS Models
Steven H Nye, Ph.D., ENDECE, LLC; Robert E Babine, Ph.D., Rebexsess Discovery Chemistry; Wei Xu, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; Michael Bittner, Ph.D., Translational Genomics Research Institute; Bruce D Trapp, Ph.D., Cleveland Clinic; James G Yarger, Ph.D., ENDECE, LLC

3:10 PM

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