A Fingolimod Service - an MS Nurse Perspective and Patient Outcomes

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Trinity Exhibit Hall
Samantha R Colhoun, DPSN, BSc(Hons), MSc , Neuro, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Sharon Letissier, BSc(Hons) , Neuro, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Background: As a regional prescribing centre in the United Kingdom, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, provides the initial screening and initiation of Fingolimod to a number of peripheral areas within the West Midlands. 

Objectives: The poster explores the setting up of the Fingolimod service, the screening and initiation process.  Patient outcomes were also important to the team and are presented within the poster.

Methods: Patient outcomes were also measured via a patient questionnaire to explore their views of the service including the screening process and initiation of the therapy.

Results: The patient outcomes demonstrated very high satisfaction levels of the service provided.

Conclusions: The Fingolimod discussion groups provide education and screening to a large number of patients in a timely and safe manner, which has ultimately reduced waiting times for initiation of treatment.