Training Patients with Multiple Sclerosis for Use Interferon

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Trinity Exhibit Hall
Daymet Grass Fernandez, Register Nurse , Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, International Center of Neurological Restoration, Havana, Cuba


The nurses team to work with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients  are  very important factor  in the multidisciplinary group  to attend this disease. Have many functions like consulter and educator to the people to fight for a better understanding and knowledge about MS, in the social and health fields. Add these persons are very significant to the pharmacological treatment of this kind of patient

Objectives: Training patients and parents to the use of auto injector interferon Rebif-44mcg (1 a).


Make  a training to 51 patients (40 females ,11 males) with MS and the clinical form relapsing-remitting and an evolution period from 1 to 10 years .  We explain and make a practical demonstration about the basically procedure to auto injector and the use of documents related with corporal mass and biotype patients.


All the patients learn the techniques,and make the auto injection without problems in the site to injection. These patients have and clinical improve confirmed by MRI imagines'.


Our results  demonstrated  that its possible  reduced   a minimal injections  in the different  places  to  put  the drug  applied simples mechanism for every  patients or parents .For this way guaranteed and adequate administration to the drug and contribute and clinical improve of the patients.