Specialty Pharmacy Leveraging Disease Management and Technology to Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients Adhere to Treatment Plan

Thursday, June 2, 2016
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Bincy Varghese, PharmD , St. John University School of Pharmacy, New York, NY
Caleb DesRosiers, MPA, JD , CareMed Specialty Pharmacy, Inc., New Hyde Park, NY


According to a 2015 study of 209 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients using the MS Treatment Adherence Questionnaire, compliance to treatment regardless of medication type—SC/IM, monthly IV injections, or oral DMTs—continues to be a major challenge.   


- Compare CareMed's MS patients on an SC/IM and their compliance rate compared to the 2015 study reporting that 70.8% of MS patients on SC/IM are compliant with therapy
- Develop a robust disease management program with input from patients and providers
- Build pharmacy MS facing portal with input from manufacturer and payer
- Integrate analytics and programmatic support


Enroll 1647 MS patients on SC/IM therapy into CareMed’s MS disease management program to assess medication compliance.  Measure outcomes using the MS Treatment Adherence Questionnaire (MS-TAQ) and compare to 2015 study compliance results (70.8%).  Leverage technology to analyze results and pro-actively engage patients.  Key measures/outcomes assessed: (1) number of missed doses in four weeks; (2) reason dose was missed; (3) perceived side effects; (4) ease of administration; and (5) medication satisfaction


Of the 1647 enrolled MS patients on SC/IM therapy, only 43 missed a dose(s) due to the following issues: (1) fogot; (2) fatigue; (3) financial; (4) flu like symptom; and (5) other.  1604 of patients on SC/IM did not miss a dose.


•97.4% of MS patients on an SC/IM therapy participating in CareMed compliance program did not miss a dose based on physician treatment plan
•CareMed compliance performance exceeds the current baseline of 70.8%