Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology, and Neuropsychiatry

Thursday, May 31, 2018: 6:30 PM-7:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A (Nashville Music City Center)
Investigating Long-Term Memory Impairment in MS through the Lens of the Dual-Component Framework of Working Memory
Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden, BA, Montclair State University; Alexandra Buchanan, BA, Montclair State University; Joshua Sandry, PhD, Montclair State University

Describing the Population Characteristics of Multiple Sclerosis Related Intention Tremor Using the Multidimensional Assessment of Tremor (MAT).
Philip Yan, BKin, MOT Student, University of British Columbia; Susan Forwell, PhD, OT(C), FCAOT, University of British Columbia; Mariah Morris, BHK, MOT Student, University of British Columbia; Denise Kendrick, BA, MOT, UBC MS/NMOSD Clinic
Correlation of Fatigue and BRAIN Network Disruptions in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Compared to Healthy Controls
Pamela K Newland, RN, PhD, CMSRN, Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish College; Mark Zinn, Phd, DePaul University; Marcie Zinn, PhD, DePaul University; John Zempel, PhD, MD, Washington University
Processing Speed Deficits Are Predictive of Difficulties with Visuospatial Memory in M.S.
Shonna Schneider, B.A., Yeshiva University; Caroline Altaras, B.S., Yeshiva University; Nicholas A Vissicchio, B.A., Yeshiva University; Amanda Najjar, B.A., Yeshiva University; Shaina Shagalow, B.A., Yeshiva University; Amanda Parker, B.S., Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University; Frederick W. Foley, Ph.D., Holy Name Medical Center
Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Presentation in a Hispanic Female: A Case Report
Angel Chinea, MD, San Juan Multiple Sclerosis Center; Astrid Diaz, BS, San Juan MS Center; Ivonne Vicente, MD, San Juan Multiple Sclerosis Center; Allan J Reyes, BA, San Juan MS Center; Karla Flores, BS, San Juan Bautista Medical School; Alejandro Ruiz, BS, San Juan Bautista Medical School; Juan Ojeda, BS, San Juan Bautista Medical School; Cristina M Rubi, BS, San Juan Multiple Sclerosis Center
Diets Similar to the Mediterranean Diet Are Associated with Lower Depression Scores and Improved Cognition Scores in People with Multiple Sclerosis
Leah Mische, BS, Johns Hopkins University; Kathryn C Fitzgerald, ScD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Jennifer Keller, PT, Kennedy Krieger Institute; Sydney Feldman, BS, Johns Hopkins University; Hunter Risher, BS, Johns Hopkins University; Ellen M Mowry, MD, MCR, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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