Whitaker Track

Wednesday, May 30, 2018: 1:15 PM-3:15 PM
104 A-C (Nashville Music City Center)
1:15 PM
Metabolomics Analysis Identifies Abnormal Bile Acid Metabolism in Multiple Sclerosis
Leah Mische, BS, Johns Hopkins University; Ellen M Mowry, MD, MCR, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; Peter A Calabresi, MD, Johns Hopkins University; Pavan Bhargava, MD, Johns Hopkins University

1:35 PM
Variations within a 255,348 Base-Pair Region of Chromosome 1 That Show Association with Serum Prolactin Levels or MS Status.
Samantha Jack, MS, University of Nebraska Medical Center; Bruce Chase, PhD, University of Nebraska-Omaha; Eduardo Casas, PhD, National Animal Disease Center; Julia Ridpath, PhD, National Animal Disease Center; Mary Filipi, APRN, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center

1:55 PM
Acute Effects of High-Intensity Interval Exercise on Mood and Enjoyment Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis
Elizabeth Hubbard, PhD, Berry College; Robert W Motl, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2:15 PM
Engaging the MS Community on Exercise Services for Those Living in Rural Australia
Yvonne C Learmonth, PhD, Murdoch University; Zita Chan, BSc, Murdoch University; Emily Scholes-Robertson, BSc, Murdoch University; Helen Correia, PhD, Murdoch University; Dave Hathorn, BSc, Multiple Sclerosis Western Australia; Allan Kermode, MBBS, MRCP, MD, FRACP, FRCP, Australian Neuro-muscular Research Institute; Catherine Smith, PhD, University of Otago; Diana Walker, PhD, University of Western Australia

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