Lemtrada Link- Use of Social Media to Enhance Patient Care and Experience

Thursday, June 2, 2016
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Michelle A Allan, RN BA Nursing GCert MS , Monash Neurology, Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia
Michelle A Allan, RN BA Nursing GCert MS , Monash Neurology, Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia


The use of social media has grown in all areas of our lives and many of our patients are now using it to interact and gain information about their disease and treatments from others who have experience of the same.

Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) was approved in Australia on April 1st 2015. There were many questions that the patients had that were/are best answered by people who had already been treated with it.

Lemtrada link was developed for this purpose. 

 Lemtrada Link is a closed facebook group for people who are about to be treated with Alemtuzumab, or those who have already undergone treatment.


The purpose of Lemtrada link was to create a positive platform where individuals can share their own experiences, ask questions and provide support to other group members who are also on their own Alemtuzumab journey.

The Lemtrada Link group has been created by a Health Professional who works in Multiple Sclerosis and an MS patient receiving Alemtuzumab with the sole purpose to connect individuals and build a support network for those who are having Lemtrada treatment.They are all patients at a large Multiple Sclerosis clinic in Melbourne Australia.

This poster will share the experience of Lemtrada link. Examine how it was set up, its use by patients, it’s successes, where and if it has been of value to the patients. It will also look at the value of social media as a health professional and whether we have been able to enhance the patient experience by using it.

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Social media is now being used much more in health care. Lemtrada link has assisted Lemtrada patients to have a much more positive and supported experience while planning for, during and after having Alemtuzumab.